About the Book

Even amid the post-bombing destruction of Occupied Japan in 1947, photographer, Nicholas Orzio was able to reveal the soul of a people and the hope of a nation. This ability to evoke emotion as well as capture the inner beauty of God’s creations in his photographs has continued for seven decades, and has given him world-wide recognition. Through his belief that God has endowed each of us with some of his own attributes, Orzio’s photographs of ordinary individuals become extraordinary as they collectively reflect His image. Join author Carole Orzio Schryber for a photographic journey of spiritual joy in In His Image.

Visit Nicholas Orzio’s website at www.nicholasorzio.com.

‘…The insightfulness and vision that Nicholas used in capturing the compelling images in this collection speaks volumes of his ability to not only see what most people never see, but to capture that vision in an image and preserve it forever! Following this work [Beginnings: Images of Occupied Japan]…he allowed his vision to explore and capture the beauty of God’s creations. Hopefully this publication will begin to direct the recognition Nicholas deserves for his contribution to the art and science of photography.’

—Michael R Scalf Sr, Executive Director, International Photography Hall of Fame

“A poignant tribute to the keen vision of the `greatest generation’ that brings richness, meaning, the joy of relationships, and new insights to our own busy, distracted generation.  This book will catch your heart, slow you down, and enrich your life.”

–Ellen Vaughn, New York Times bestselling author and speaker

“Nicholas Orzio’s photography captures the heart of humanity while the author’s sprinkling of verse illuminates the fingerprints of the Creator. I will escape to these pages often as they restore my sense of wonder in the midst of everyday life.”

Sue Moye, Dir. of Ministry Teams, McLean Bible Church